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Organized in 1994 by quality professionals as a result of a nuclear industry initiative to share auditing services among the members, the Nuclear Industry Assessment Committee (NIAC) was established. In 2015, we reformed as the Nuclear Industry Assessment Corporation – A California Non-Profit Corporation, which continues to fulfill its bylaws by its members performing auditing services at the highest industry performance standards while eliminating redundancy and costs associated with duplicate supplier audits. NIAC continues to grow from the original eleven (11) members to more than one hundred seventy (170) members globally.

Membership in NIAC is open to companies supplying goods and services to the nuclear industry, which have a quality program which meets or exceeds the requirements of 10CFR50 Appendix B, ASME NQA-1, or equivalent DOE Quality System, and accept 10CFR Part 21. Members must qualify their Lead Auditors to the requirements of ANSI N45.2.23 – 1978 or ASME NQA-1 latest edition endorsed by the NRC, including a written examination.

The Member must agree to comply with the NIAC bylaws, procedures and sign the NIAC Corporate Membership Agreement form.

If you are interested in joining the Nuclear Industry Assessment Corporation, please choose the “How to Join” link on this page and follow the instructions. The NIAC Secretary can help answer any additional questions.

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